Straits Times Feature on 1 March 2014 June 13 2014, 0 Comments

So happy to be featured on Straits Times, Saturday Times. There's a short write-up on my little business. Many of my friends and colleagues started messaging me on watsapp/SMS to ask if that was me and also to congratulate me. :) Very touched! My mum also had friends calling her to check if it was her daughter on newspaper. Yes, it is.....

I thank God for this feature as it brings me more biz. People search for my name and found me on Facebook and Google. Straits Times is very effective! Dispite not mentioning my online shop name, people are still quite hardworking to use Google. There's one customer who search me on google and called me on the very Saturday. . He needed a snow white costume for his daughter's birthday party and when I told him that Yes I have, he was so happy! I'm glad that I managed to solve his problem :)

Read my feature below :)