Review: OJOY A1 Smart Watch is a Joy to have! July 22 2019, 1 Comment

OJOY Smart Watch is a Joy to have!

Oh what a Joy it is to own a OJOY Smartwatch :) Technology is so advance now that the watch are getting smarter. 

2 months ago, Sophie received a OJoy watch from the watch company - OJoy. She had wanted a smart watch before but we didnt allow it for fear of playing/ losing it. She also holds a mobile phone so why need a smart watch? It serves the same purpose - to be able to call. My thoughts after using it for 2 weeks have changed. It is actually a very useful watch!

Prior to owning it, Sophie has an old iPhone for communication purpose. At times, I need to fetch her home from school or enrichment classes. BUT, loosing your iPhone can be a little scary too! Sophie gave us a scare when she left her little bag (inside contains the iPhone) at the Indoor Stadium once! Fortunately, her phone was found the next day when I went back to the stadium to do a search. 


What I love about the watch:

- 4G! 
- Clear Voice Calling
- GPS Tracking
- Easy to wear
- Soft Rubber Strap
- Voice Messaging 
- Phototaking
- School Mode
- Camera
- Add task reminder for your child
Best of all > The watch wont be lost unless your child removes it from their hand! The child gets instant notification when you call, compared to digging for their mobile phone in the bag/pocket.
I charge once every 2 days, as long as there is half a bar left, you don't have to charge daily. 
I was contemplating between Oaxis and OJoy, after all, Oaxis was 1st to enter the SG market.

So what's the difference between Oaxis and OJoy?

 Oasis is not waterproof. OJoy is. Oasis is 3G but Ojoy is 4G. 
What I dislike about the Watch: 
The battery drains quite fast even if you don’t wear it. 

 Watch Specs

Did you know? that this watch can only receive calls from registered numbers in the phone book? This is a safety function so strangers won’t be able to anyhow call the number if they happen to find your child’s number. I feel safe.

Simply download the Ojoy app (available in Apple & Play store) to track your child. In the app, you can enter all the registered mobile numbers for your child to call you and vice versa. You can also send messengers through the app, everything is done there. 

Here's how the tracking screen looks like on the app:

SMS Message Screen:

(see, Sophie can only reply via voice message or the pre-installed text message to prevent strangers from using her smart watch to send a text.)

Available in 2 colours :)

Purple & Blue.


Recommended Age?

Primary 1 onwards.

Where to Buy? OR Singtel Shops
Add ons:
Screen Protector at $9.90.
Extra Charging Cable at $10.90

What’s inside the box?

1 charging cable, 1 watch, manual 
Comes with 1 year warranty.

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