Look Good, Feel Good with Vitayes April 30 2019, 0 Comments

Always wanted to remove years off your face? Now you can with VITAYES! 

Their lifting cream will instantly restore your youthfulness in 5 mins

Note: this is not a permanent effect but a cheat method to look young before your class gathering or someone's wedding when you want to look your best in front of others. Effect lasts for 9 hrs only.

 I applied 3 drops of the Eye serum under my eye and felt a little skin tightening effect. I guess it is working its magic onto my skin. Ta-dah! The effect is not obvious for me, maybe because I do not have much eye bags. But, this is very easy to use and you will have wrinkle free skin through the day!


Vitayes is so called the "Effect Cosmetics" for those who want instant results. 

For best results, its recommended to use together with Perfector & Lifting Cream (shown above)

No needles, no surgery need.....:)

{image source: Vitayes SG website}

{image source: Vitayes SG website}

Vitayes Ageless Facelift – Instantly reduce the appearance of under-eye bags 

The revolutionary InstantAgeback formula reduces wrinkles and swollen eyes by as much as 85 percent in just 5 minutes, which lasts up to 9 hours. When used regularly, wrinkles and swollen eyes are permanently reduced by up to 35 percent.

Price: $88 Buy here

Vitayes Perfector Eye Serum – Illuminating Eye Serum

24 hours of continuous moisturizing leaves the skin deeply replenished. smooth and glowing with youth. Instant moisturizing effect.

Price: $68 Buy Here