Leftose: A Need at Home May 27 2020, 0 Comments

I was 1st introduced to Leftose when the GP prescribe it as a remedy for my kid’s sore throat. After recovery, I made sure I have a bottle stocked up in case of emergencies. Thankfully my kids are OK with the taste. It’s not so overpowering like some other medicines.

Leftose is a 2 in 1 natural, non-drowsy remedy 👍 It helps to dissolve phlegm and relieve sore throat.


Did you know?

Leftose is made from a natural enzyme, called Lysozyme. It is found in egg white and the human body - tears, saliva and breastmilk. Hence it may not be suitable for those with egg allergies :) 

10,000 eggs are being used to extract 1 kg of Lysozyme! Wow! 


Leftose is not just for children. They have it in adult version too. It comes in lozenges format or syrup, base on your personal preference :) I personally prefer the lozenges form as it is like a “sweet” in Honey Lemon flavoured.

I was feeling a little sore at my throat & popped 1 lozenges in, bye bye sore throat! :)

Leftose is sold at all leading pharmacies :) 

Can’t live without this handy medicine. 

Oh, if your children can suck a lozenge without choking, they can take it too!