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We waited for Ian to grow older to fully enjoy his Legoland experience.

That said, Legoland is suitable for age 4 and above.

Although there may be limited rides for ages 4-5.

While we were doing our research on the hotels around Legoland, still, we wanted to experience the Legoland Hotel and make the 1st trip there memorable. Though it’s pricey at SGD $400/night but thankful we got to experienced it once. We book direct through www.legoland.com.my and got the package with room + 2 day passes. We booked a  private hire car from our house straight up to Legoland. Cost: $100/trip in a very comfy 7 seater car. When we reached the hotel. WOW! Everything is lego-fied! The chairs, the toilets etc. Initially we booked the Ninjago theme room but upon check-in, the room was not available. Reason gave was due to room flooding? :(⁣ Boy, Ian is super upset. He was looking forward to sleeping in the Ninjago room.

Hence, they offered us 2 different rooms in our 2-night stay as service recovery. Kingdom room for our 1st night and the Adventure room for our 2nd night. ⁣

Kids Toilet Amenities Available

[DAY 1]
The siblings got super excited when they discovered the treasure chest, inside contains their mystery prize once they crack open the code. Every room comes with a box of duplo lego to entertain the kids. It was untouched as they rather play at the big play area at the lobby. Huge foam lego blocks to build houses!⁣

After checking in, OFF we went to the theme park........

 The huge Lego Xmas tree that greeted us when we enter the park. 

build your own lego and race!
Ninjago Ride
Inside the 4D Ride
Everywhere is filled with Ninjago figures photo opportunities. 
The kids get to drive a Lego car!
This is the bigger version, there is also a smaller car for height below 120cm.
Lunch was inside the park. Even the kids meal french fries was in LEGO form!
Bump into Nexo Knights - Lance during our dining.
The kids quickly rushed for a photo with him.
Shopping time!
Lego Santa appeared to join in the Xmas cheer. 
Lucky draw was conducted at the end of the day.

We had our daily dinner at the Brick restaurant inside the hotel as we were very tired to venture out.

The spread is very good but taste so-so.

Feeling all the lego-ness while dining inside. ⁣

The kids ate fast as they wanted to play with friends, no chaser needed, very happy :) 

Kids can decorate their own donut!
Pricing for Bricks Restaurant
Love it that the kids are entertained during meal times!
Outside the restaurant is a kid's play area!
After dinner play

[DAY 2]

We went to the Waterpark after breakfast and decide to spend the day there. However, we were done by 3-4pm as the waterpark isnt very big. Some of the bigger rides, the kids were afraid to attempt. They spend most of their time playing at the kid's free play area. After heading back to hotel to wash up, we went back to the theme park to play since we bought the 2-day pass.

Since it was Christmas period, Legoland is fully decorated with Christmas elements. We could feel the Christmas spirit in the air. There was daily lucky draws too, but we didnt win anything. The lucky draw made us spend more as each lego bought gets you 1 chance per receipt. 

Wave Pool!
Love the huge lego bricks while floating 
So relaxing on the lazy pool
fixing his lego boat
Racing his lego boat
Kids Play Area

We checked in to the Kingdom Room after our water park. Since we have 2 day pass for the theme park, we decided to head back there to play. However, the kids would like to open the treasure chest 1st :| 

Sample of Treasure Hunt Game
Finally, cracking the code
Ya-dah! Their prize!
The prizes were the same in the 2 room stay.
Room Stay on 2nd Night 

After washing up and opening the treasure chest,

we headed back to theme park!

We chance upon this robotic class that was very interesting and signed Sophie up. There was only 1 slot left so gotta be quick.

Hands on Robotic Class, need to book your slot. 1st come 1st served basis.

[DAY 3]

Day 3 was out check out day. We had late check out till 1pm. The siblings were sad to leave but we had to go back SG. They asked for a longer stay next time. I said too long, you will find it boring. Kids being kids, we promised them we will be back! :)