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It's been a looong time since I last had a professional personal shoot. It has always been about the family or kids ever since I became a mum. The opportunity arise when I met Irene, the chief photographer of Cloud Productions. I am very incline for a female photographer who knows what woman want. 

[Before the shoot]

Prior to the shoot, I had to fill in a set of questions to determine which type of shoot fits my preference best. I am afraid of the sun hence shoot timing is very important. I had to avoid afternoon time slots. There were a list of locations for me to choose from. Cloud Productions has compiled a list of beautiful locations, some which I have not even been before. Since I have not done any arty shoots, I chose my location to be at Haji Lane

Professional Photography by Cloud Productions 

[During the Shoot]

I met Irene at 8am, (Why so early??) Coz I wanted to avoid the sun and photobombs. Irene started by taking some warm up shots to loosen myself up. After about 3 shots, we went into proper shoot. I did my own research on the kind of poses that I would like to have, Irene is good at art directing too! A photographer should be like this. She would give suggestions on where is my good angle and how the pose should be. In order for the photos to look natural, Irene started to make me laugh by asking me questions and making jokes. That very moment, her hands acted fast to capture the moment

.....Let the pictures do the talking.....

If you haven’t had a family photo shoot or your own shoot before, I highly recommend it. After all, photos are priceless memories, isn’t it? Your kids are growing up so quickly and there won’t be another time. For family shoots, click here to view.

Cloud Productions can also do Photo Restoration Service!

Check the Before & After shots below :)




For the above photos, they did:

- CORRECTION: Correct colour, brightness, contrast, shadow, highlights, hue & saturation.

- EXPOSURE: Adjust overexposed or underexposed images

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5-10 Images $90
11-20 Images $160
More Images? Ask them!
 - They’ll provide Overall Exposure, brightness and contrast edit in Photoshop.
- Deliver in 1-5 days fast editing depending on edit effort, transfer via webhost.



Whatsapp: +65 8749 3850

Instagram/ Facebook: Sgcloudproductions


I can’t wait to see your photos :)