Welcome!! October 29 2013, 0 Comments

Hello! Welcome to my 1st blog post! I'm very happy that I have finally got my hands on creating a website for my online shop rather than just a page in Facebook. I was thinking hard for the past few months if I should spend the $ on a website or not? After all, it is just a small business. But, I'm glad I did. I want everyone who is a parent to know about My Mini-Me. Please help me spread the word around, ok? Thanks in advance.

I love dressing my kids up hence decided to do something related to fashion and looking cute and pretty. Hence My Mini-Me is born. My Mini-Me specializes in Children's Costume rental and affordable children's products. I'm always looking for advertising opportunities so if you own a BlogShop as well and would want to partner with me, let me know.

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Drop me a note at ilikeminime@gmail.com if you have anything to say to me or simply just say "Hi"


Alicia Cho