Sophie's 5th Birthday Party February 07 2015, 0 Comments

Finally the big day for my girl, Sophie's birthday is here. We celebrated it on 6 Dec 2014 with her favourite theme - Frozen!! It is the most popular theme right now and she has been asking me since March'14 when is her birthday and why is her birthday so long? Sorry my little are born on 12 Dec. Whenever she see mummy's customer came over to rent the Elsa costume for their girl's party, she will ask me the same question over and over again - "Why is my birthday so long?" She is so cute, but I can only tell her I'm sorry you are born in Dec, you cant choose when you want to be born. I asked her to be patient and finally its Dec! In Nov, when mummy started planning the party and asked her where does she want the party to be held. She said her favorite playground - Cool de Sac. Its located at Suntec City with a big play area for craft activities and play. They have 3 party rooms and we took the 2nd biggest room. Max capacity is 30 kids and we had 20 kids on that day. I find the room a little cramp as not all the adults are able to fit inside the room and watch the kids play games. Adults would have to sit on the floor if they would like to watch them play. Else, they would sit outside at the private area cordoned off for them to eat and chat. Most of her friends invited were from her childcare so Sophie was very excited when they arrived at the party.

Here are some pictures of the party for your viewing pleasure :) 


Our Elsa Cake is from Cupcakelicious, the cake is not too sweet, just nice for children and adults.

Everyone LOVES it! Contact Mabel at 9746 8825 to order. 

Our cupcake is from Eme's Pantry


I requested for Vanilla cupcakes & blue butter cream. The taste is just right and it was wipe out within 1 hr.

Contact Eme at 9621 0956 to order. She does halal cakes and cookies :)